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Space Bread

Toasted bread cubes, aus Neil Armstrongs Space-Erbe – das Brot der aktuellen Herbst-/Winterkollektion. 

Wissenschaftlich getestet und auf Heritage Auctions zu ersteigern unter:

Apollo 17 Flown Toasted Bread Cubes Space Food Originally from the Personal Collection of Mission Commander Gene Cernan, with Signed COA. A sealed flexible pouch, 4.75″ x 3″ x 0.75″ overall, with a label on one side: TOASTED BREAD CUBES/ 1333 and a Serial No. FAY965 sticker on the other as well as a piece of blue (Ron Evans) Velcro for attachment to the spacecraft. Unlike the above peaches, these were made to be eaten as is. Seldom offered. Fine condition. From the Steven R. Belasco Collection of Space Memorabilia.

Included with this lot is a Cernan-signed Certificate of Authenticity from Novaspace stating, in full: «I certify that this packet of toasted bread cubes is from my own collection of ‹leftovers› that flew to the moon on Apollo 17. This space food has been stored in a museum and recently gathered and presented to Novaspace Galleries for dispersal to collectors of artifacts from the great ’space race› and the golden age of space exploration.»